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Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health

Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health

Ivy Bourgeault

An organization dedicated to the promotion of the sociological study of health, illness and health care issues in Canada.


Recent Publications

Postoperative outcomes for Indigenous Peoples in Canada: a systematic review
Jason Nickerson (co-author). Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). 2021. (OPEN ACCESS)

Regulatory contexts affecting work reintegration of people with chronic disease and disabilities: An international perspective
Katherine Lippel. Disability, Work and Health. 2020.

Engendering Fatness: Affect, Emotions and the Governance of Weight in a Neoliberal Age
Michael Orsini. Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities? Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow. 2020.

Evidence use in equity focused health impact assessment: A realist evaluation
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). BMC Public Health. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Time for gender-transformative change in the health workforce
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). The Lancet. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Les inégalités sociales et la santé au travail : le rôle des contraintes professionnelles sur l’absence du travail associée aux troubles musculo-squelettiques
Katherine Lippel (co-author). Centre d'expertise et de référence en santé publique. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Women's occupational health and safety: Examining the meeting of law and science through a gender lens
Katherine Lippel. Working Women in Canada: An Intersectional Approach. 2019.

“We write as little as we have to”: Charting practices and documenting disclosure in response to HIV criminalization in Canada
Jennifer Kilty & Michael Orsini. AIDS Care. 2019.

Counteracting shame, recognizing desire: Managing the emotional reverberations of criminalizing HIV nondisclosure in Canada
Jennifer Kilty & Michael Orsini. The Sociological Review. 2019.

Les conditions géographiques de mise en liberté et de probation et les personnes marginalisées à Montréal
Marie-Eve Sylvestre (co-author). 2018.

A gender analysis of a national Community Health Workers program: A case study of Afghanistan
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Global Public Health. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Empowering women leaders in health: A gap analysis of the state of knowledge
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Canadian Journal of Physician Leaders. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Canada’s Evacuation Policy for Pregnant First Nations Women in Manitoba: Resignation, Resilience, and Resistance
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Women and Birth. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Confessional Technologies and the Will to Disclose: Mobilizing Emotions and Lived Experience in AIDS Service Organizations in Canada
Jennifer Kilty & Michael Orsini. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 2017.


Red Zones: Criminal Law and the Territorial Governance of Marginalized People
Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Nicholas Blomley, Céline Bellot. 2020

Surrogacy in Canada: Critical Perspectives in Law and Policy
Vanessa Gruben, Alana Cattapan, Angela Cameron. 2018.

Seeing Red: HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada
Suzanne Hindmarch, Michael Orsini, Marilou Gagnon (eds). 2018.

Genetic Resources, Justice and Reconciliation: Canada and Global Access and Benefit Sharing
Chidi Oguamanam. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Vulnerability, Autonomy, and Applied Ethics
Christine Straehle (ed). 2016.

Recent Media

La rhétorique sécuritaire cache un problème de santé publique
Emmanuelle Bernheim & Pierre Pariseau-Legault. Le Devoir. Nov 2020.

Ontario Safe Streets Act will cost lives amid the coronavirus pandemic
Marie-Eve Sylvestre et al. The Conversation. Apr 2020.

COVID-19 visitation bans for people in institutions put many at risk in other ways
Natalie Spagnuolo & Michael Orsini. CBC. March 2020.

Pharmaceutical Policy Excludes the Most Vulnerable
Adam R. Houston, Ryan Cooper, Richard Long. IRPP. Jan 2020.

Women’s work across every aspect of health care largely invisible
Ivy Bourgeault. Hill Times: Policy Briefing: Health. 2018.

Feeling Autism Neuroscience (Review of Des Fitzgerald’s Tracing Autism)
Michael Orsini. Somatosphere. Feb 2018.

Zoned Out: Critics Say Police-Imposed Area Restrictions Put Vulnerable People at Risk
w/ Marie-Eve Sylvestre. Toronto Star. Apr 2018.

More courageous policy needed to stem HIV
Suzanne Hindmarch & Michael Orsini. Toronto Star. Dec 2017.

When women are surrogate mothers: Is that work?
Alana Cattapan, Vanessa Gruben, Angela Cameron. The Conversation. July 2017.

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