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Canadian Health Human Resources Network

Canadian Health Human Resources Network

Ivy Bourgeault

A knowledge exchange network of researchers, decision-makers and other knowledge users interested in health workforce planning, policy and management.


Recent Publications

Time for gender-transformative change in the health workforce
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). The Lancet. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Analyzing Community Health Workers from an HRH perspective: A case study of Afghanistan
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Human Resources for Health. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Measuring retirement: End-of-career practice patterns of primary care physicians in Ontario 
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Canadian Family Physician. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Evidence use in equity focused health impact assessment: A realist evaluation
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). BMC Public Health. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Dietitians’ perspectives on the impact of multidisciplinary teams and electronic medical records on dietetic practice for weight management
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. 2019.

Dietitians’ perspectives on patient barriers and enablers to weight management and factors affecting nutrition counselling in multidisciplinary health care settings
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Nutrition and Dietetics. 2019.

Harnessing Instability as an Opportunity for Health System Strengthening: A Scoping Review of Health System Resilience
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Health Management Forum. 2019.

Institutional ethnography as a unique tool to improving healthcare systems
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Health Management Forum. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Current weight management approaches used by primary care providers in six multidisciplinary healthcare settings in Ontario
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

A systematic review of interprofessional collaboration for obesity management in primary care: A focus on dietetic referrals
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Nutrition and obesity care in multidisciplinary primary care settings in Ontario, Canada: Short duration of visits and complex health problems perceived as barriers
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Preventive Medicine Reports. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

A gender analysis of a national Community Health Workers program: A case study of Afghanistan
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Global Public Health. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Intersecting policy contexts of employment-related geographical mobility of healthcare workers: The case of Nova Scotia (NS), Canada
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Healthcare Policy. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Relationships between work outcomes, work attitudes and work environments of health support workers in Ontario long-term care and home and community care settings
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Human Resources for Health. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Networks as systems: A case study of the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Workforce Alliance
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Journal of Health Organization and Management. 2018.

Best Practices in Bridging Eduction: Multiple Case Study Evaluation of Postsecondary Bridging Programs for Internationally Educated Health Professionals in Canada
Ivy Bourgeault (co-author). Journal of Allied Health. 2018.

Let Thy Conscience Be Thy Guide (but not My Guide): Physicians and the Duty to Refer
Daphne Gilbert. McGill Journal of Law and Health. 2017. (OPEN ACCESS)


The Routledge Companion to the Professions and Professionalism
Mike Dent, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Jean-Louis Denis, Ellen Kuhlmann (eds). 2016.

Recent Media

Créer une banque de données des effectifs en santé
Ivy Bourgeault. Policy Options. April 2020.

What are the rights and responsibilities of healthcare providers?
Vanessa Gruben, Alicia Czarnowski. Policy Options. April 2020.

Crisis underscores that health workers are backbone of health system
Ivy Bourgeault, Sarah Simkin, Caroline Chamberland-Rowe. QUOi Media. April 2020.

Ontario likely has enough doctors
Ivy Bourgeault. Toronto Star. May 2018.

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