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Recent Publications

Frontier injustice: the American threat to Canada’s drug supply
Adam R. Houston & Amir Attaran. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Could the Paragraph 6 Compulsory License System be revised to increase participation by the generics industry? Lessons learned from an unheralded and unsuccessful attempt to use Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime
Adam R. Houston & Reed Beall. McGill Journal of Law and Health. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Reforming Canada’s Special Access Programme to Improve Access to Off-Patent Essential Medicines
Adam R. Houston (co-author). JAMMI. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Universal pharmacare and federalism: Policy options for Canada
Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas, Asad Ali Moten, Patrick Fafard. IRPP. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)


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