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Reproductive technnologies
Reproductive rights



Recent Publications

Les juges français et la gestation pour autrui
Michelle Giroux. Perspectives internationales sur le gestation pour autrui : Expériences des personnes concernées et contextes d’action. 2018.

Les conventions de procréation ou de gestation pour autrui au Québec : entre solution jurisprudentielle et réforme du droit
Michelle Giroux. La gestation pour autrui : Approches juridiques internationales. 2018.

Reconceiving Quebec’s Laws on Surrogate Motherhood
Stefanie Carsley. Canadian Bar Review. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Let Thy Conscience Be Thy Guide (but not My Guide): Physicians and the Duty to Refer
Daphne Gilbert. McGill Journal of Law and Health. 2017. (OPEN ACCESS)

Donor Anonymity in Canada: Assessing the Obstacles to Openness and Considering a Way Forward
Vanessa Gruben & Angela Cameron. Alta L Rev. 2017. (OPEN ACCESS)


Surrogacy in Canada: Critical perspectives in Law and Policy
Vanessa Gruben, Alana Cattapan, Angela Cameron. 2018.

Recent Media

New reproductive technology regulations don’t go far enough
Alana Cattapan, Vanessa Gruben, Angela Cameron. Policy Options. Apr 2019.

Who has control over frozen embryos after divorce?
Stefanie Carsley. Globe and Mail. 2018.

When women are surrogate mothers: Is that work?
Alana Cattapan, Vanessa Gruben, Angela Cameron. The Conversation. July 2017.

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