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Health Technology Assessment and the Law

Health Technology Assessment and the Law

Colleen Flood

Major health technology assessment (HTA) bodies in Canada assess the value of new health technologies like drugs, devices, and digital health tools, and make recommendations to government about what to include (and exclude) from public medicare. Their work is critically important to the overall fairness, legitimacy and sustainability of Canadian medicare. In this project we describe and analyze the extent to which Canadian HTA bodies have considered important legal issues. We are working with representatives of HTA bodies from other countries, and international HTA scholars, to create and test tools that will equip HTA bodies to identify and prioritize legal issues for deeper analysis.

Long-Term Worries: Testing New Policy Options for Financing Long-Term Care

Long-Term Worries: Testing New Policy Options for Financing Long-Term Care

Colleen Flood

Canada’s aging population is putting pressure on our outdated health care system. The realities of population aging mean our system must evolve to be a long-term care system. It needs to shift its focus from hospitals and physicians towards a far greater reliance on community care, home care, and nursing homes. Strains are already evident: long wait times for nursing homes and home care, increasing complexity of care needs for the lucky who have secured public LTC beds, persistently high numbers of patients in acute care hospitals who need LTC, and spill-over to private retirement homes for increasingly complex care. Canadians are rightly anxious about access to and the quality of care they will receive in later life.


Recent Publications

Legitimacy and litigation: The right to health care
Colleen M. Flood. Washington University Global Studies Law Review. 2019. (OPEN ACCESS)

Silver-linings playbook? Canada’s confounding experience with health care litigation
Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas, David Rodriguez. The Future of Economic and Social Rights. 2019.

Universal pharmacare and federalism: Policy options for Canada
Colleen M. Flood, Bryan Thomas, Asad Ali Moten, Patrick Fafard. IRPP. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

A successful Charter challenge to medicare? Policy options for Canadian provincial governments
Colleen Flood, Bryan Thomas. Health Economics, Policy and Law. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)

Canadian medicare: Historical reflections, future directions
Colleen Flood (co-author). Health Economics, Policy and Law. 2018. (OPEN ACCESS)


Is Two-Tier Care the Future?
Colleen Flood, Bryan Thomas (eds). 2020. (OPEN ACCESS)

Recent Media

"Boomerangst": Affording an Aging Population and Long Term Care
Michael Wolfson. Centre4GlobalStudies. June 2020.

Pharmacare: The Promise and Perils
w/ Colleen Flood. CBC Radio. Nov 2019.

Five decades in the making, our national pharmacare still has a long way to go
Colleen M. Flood. Globe and Mail. June 2019.

Proposed pharmacare plan is a different beast from medicare
Colleen M. Flood. Policy Options. June 2019.

Funding Diabetes
w/ Colleen Flood. CBC – The National. March 2019.

Ontario likely has enough doctors
Ivy Bourgeault. Toronto Star. May 2018.

Five lessons from Canada on single-payer health care
Colleen Flood, Allan Rock. Chicago Tribune. Sept 2017.

Event Videos

The Past, Present and Future of Private Finance in Canadian Medicare
Martha Jackman, Greg Marchildon, Danielle Martin. Apr 2018.

Lessons from Other Countries on Private Finance for Medicare
Fiona McDonald, Steve Thomas, Zeynep Or. Apr 2018.

The Politics and Economics of Private Finance for Medicare
Jeremiah Hurley, Mark Stabile, Ake Blomqvist. Apr 2018.

The Politics of Queues in Private Finance for Medicare
Carolyn Tuohy, Katharine G. Young. Apr 2018.

Legislative and Policy Options for Private Finance for Medicare – Part 1
Sara Allin, Vanessa Gruben, Bryan Thomas. Apr 2018.

Legislative and Policy Options for Private Finance for Medicare – Part 2
Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Michael Rachlis, Colleen M. Flood. Apr 2018.

Israel's Successful Strategies for Controlling Pharmaceutical Costs – Relevance to Canada?
Bruce Rosen, Matthew Grougham. May 2017.