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Information technology and apps
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Health Technology Assessment and the Law

Health Technology Assessment and the Law

Colleen Flood

Major health technology assessment (HTA) bodies in Canada assess the value of new health technologies like drugs, devices, and digital health tools, and make recommendations to government about what to include (and exclude) from public medicare. Their work is critically important to the overall fairness, legitimacy and sustainability of Canadian medicare. In this project we describe and analyze the extent to which Canadian HTA bodies have considered important legal issues. We are working with representatives of HTA bodies from other countries, and international HTA scholars, to create and test tools that will equip HTA bodies to identify and prioritize legal issues for deeper analysis.

Machine M.D.

Machine M.D.

Colleen Flood, Kumanan Wilson, Jason Millar, Céline Castets-Renard, Simon Hatcher, Vanessa Gruben, Jennifer Chandler

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rapidly transform our healthcare system. Already AI devices and applications are being used to support patients in prevention and health promotion, track patient data, triage care, scan medical images, diagnose disease, and make treatment decisions. At the same, there is great uncertainty as to whether Canada’s legal and governance structures are equipped to address the diverse concerns raised by AI health technologies. This projects seeks to create a set of policy options for the optimal governance of AI technologies in healthcare. The project is a collaboration between scholars, innovators, decision-makers, and medical personnel across a number of different countries.


Recent Publications

Social Failure Modes in Technology and the Ethics of AI: An Engineering Perspective
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Vinyl or digital medicine?
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Report on Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Digital Technologies
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RecoverNow: A mobile tablet-based therapy platform for early stroke rehabilitation
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Accountability in AI: Promoting Greater Social Trust
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Agile research to complement agile development: A proposal for an mHealth research lifecycle
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Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 3: response to "clinical genome-wide sequencing: do not throw out the baby with the bathwater"
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Controversy and debate on clinical genomics sequencing-paper 1: genomics is not exceptional: rigorous evaluations are necessary for clinical applications of genomic sequencing
Brenda Wilson (co-author). J Clin Epidemiol. 2017.

A blueprint for the next generation of ELI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine
Brenda Wilson (co-author). Regenerative Medicine. 2017. (OPEN ACCESS)


Recent Media

Event Videos

Machine M.D. Keynote
Peter Asaro, Nathan Cortez, Joelle Pineau, Colleen M. Flood. May 2019.

Regulation Safety and Quality of AI in Healthcare
A. Michael Froomkin, Vanessa Gruben, Nathan Cortez. June 2019.

Protecting Privacy and Security in Machine Medicine
Florian Martin-Bariteau, Céline Castets-Renard, Teresa Scassa. June 2019.

Bias by AI
Jason Millar, Catherine Régis. June 2019.

From AI Innovation to Healthcare Markets: Barriers and Facilitators
Dr. Kumanan Wilson, Frank Rudzicz, Mari Teitelbaum, Patricia Kosseim. June 2019.

AI in Healthcare: Neurotechnologies
Jennifer Chandler, Tiago Mestre, Adam Sachs. June 2019.

Compassionate Care in an Era of AI: Adapting Health Professions Education
Brian Hodges, Nicolas P. Terry. June 2019.

Assistive Technology as Health Care: Promises and Cautions to the Aging Population
Katherine Wayne, Hajer Chalghoumi. Nov 2017.